• Question: I'm interested in studying nutrition, so I was wondering: How many students from SUNY Plattsburgh are typically accepted into dietetic internships? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Around 80% of SUNY Plattsburgh students who pursue dietetic internships receive one.  The national average is around 45-50%, so our students are coming out very prepared to take on these internship roles on their way to becoming RDs.


We caught yesterday’s rainbow for today’s Happy Friday! :)


By Bridgit Kasperski, Senior

It’s almost graduation time high school seniors! As you gear up for a new chapter of life, you may be feeling a bit… scared. Perhaps your feelings of excitement are clouded with nerves and fears. Let’s get these nerves squashed now, so you can breathe easy at SUNY Plattsburgh!

1. Am I Smart Enough? The college workload is different and a bit heavier than high school, but it is manageable. Take your time and focus on your class, but remember to balance your studies with a social life. Otherwise, you will lose a freshman 15 from stressing out!

2. Will my Roommate be Weird? Your roommate could become your best friend, classmate, mentor or just a … roommate. You may be paired up with someone you can’t stand and have to learn to live with them or change rooms. A roommate is only a roommate. If you decide to move out, it’s not a big deal at all.

3. Will I Make Friends? Yes. Lots. And lots.

4. Will I get Homesick? Everyone suffers from homesickness at some point. If you need to go home a weekend, do it. Just don’t get home a lot, or you won’t make Plattsburgh home too. Your family and high school friends are just a call/text/Snapchat/Facebook message/Tweet away!

5. Will I be safe? University police are on campus JUST to make you safe. If you feel uneasy walking back to your dorm from a night class, give them a call and they will escort you back. Your RA will also look out for you, and so will your floor mates.

6. Can I Change my Major? You have the freedom to study whatever you desire, and that is a beautiful thing! I changed my major two times before discovering the right career for me. You can change it five times, have three majors and four minors. This is the time to explore your interests, so start your journey now!

7. Will I Find a Job after Graduation? You WILL find a job after graduation. Some college graduates go off to graduate school, others find a job right away and others need more time.We promise that you will find the right job and path for you.


Look to cook? Then get your Bobby Flay on in our Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism management classes!


By Bridgit Kasperski, Senior

According to our calendar, it’s officially spring! Our campus becomes even more alive as the the weather warms up. We are very excited to embark on all the fun that the season brings! Step into spring with us as we list what we love about the season!

1. Flip flops. In Plattsburgh, we know spring has made it’s first appearance when we spot flip flops all over campus! As soon as the temperature rises, it’s time for shorts, tank tops, skirts, sandals and shades!

2. Dance Corps Invasion. We live for Dance Corps’ annual spring showcase. This year the show is entitled, “Invasion!” and we are ready to be invaded with jazz, ballet, hip-hop and step moves!


3. African Unity Fashion Show. We gear up for spring’s new looks with this student fashion show. Our students rock the runway every year!


4. Spring Open House. It’s always a joy to meet more future students, especially when the snow has melted and the sun is shining! Sign up to attend here!

5. Graduation. This is a special moment for us to say goodbye and celebrate the future with our tour guides, interns and friends that we love!


Spring, we are ready for you!


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Our yummy lemon cake from Scholars’ Weekend!


Spread love, it’s the #plattsburgh way!


We love to gamble in the ACC… Randomly.


Clinton Dining Hall’s Luau was a tropical escape from homework!



It’s the first our Women’s Basketball team earned a NCAA bid!


Here are a few of our pics from Scholars’ Weekend! Our favorite part was signing Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” at the top of our lungs!

Photo booth fun!

No party could be complete without chocolate fondue!

Trivia time! Let’s do this!

The winning team flexing their prizes!


"I came in like a wreckinggggg balllll!"


By Bridgit Kasperski, Senior

Bring out the candy hearts, teddy bears and roses because it’s Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a holiday devoted to shoving your face with chocolates and if your lucky, romancing your sweetie. So what if you are single this V-Day and searching for that special someone? Just call us cupid because we have your true love right here!

1. Take a Chance. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of people fear being alone on V-Day. So, why not ask out that girl you see in the dining hall or the guy on your floor? It’s Valentine’s Day, get in the spirit!

2. Visit ADK Humane Society. Who say’s your valentine has to be the cute girl in your English class? I will take a cute pup any day! Stop by the shelter (134 Idaho Ave) and get ready to fall hopelessly in love!


3. Have Fun. As the Supremes warned us, “You can’t hurry love, you just have to wait.”  In the meantime, host a Valentine’s Day party and enjoy what you do have!

4. Take Your Best Friend Out. Just because you don’t have a honey of your own, doesn’t mean you can’t be treated like one! Treat your best friend to a candlelit dinner and a homemade valentine.


5. Rent a “Chick Flick.”  When all else fails, it’s time for the romantic comedies to come out of hiding! Invite your pals to watch classics like  “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Pretty Woman”, “When Harry Met Sally”, or “The Notebook.” See more movie option here.

Remember, SUNY Plattsburgh will always be your valentine!



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A night out with Burghy!

A snowy day of classes!

Onesies unite!

CV Hall covered in fluffy snow.

Remember these warm Autumn afternoons? So do we!

DYK Plattsburgh has one cool roller derby team? And students can join!

Snow brings us together!

Check out the sunset by Hudson hall!

Clinton Dining Hall’s Winterfest!

Another gorgeous sunset by Ward hall!

We love student artwork! Which one is your favorite?


Congrats to our very own Dr. Gary Brannigan who was featured in Academic Minute for his outstanding work! Brannigan shows us why children are struggling to read independently.

Read the article with us here!